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Customer Care


Our customer commitment

Our staff are committed to promoting the visions and values of our company and to delivering the standards contained in this policy. A customer is anyone who comes into contact with Magpie&Crow Limited (referred to in our policies as "we", "our shop", "shop", "our store" and "store").

Our key customer service objectives:

  • To ensure that all public contact with Magpie&Crow Limited as well as services and goods we provide are met with the highest standards.

  • To provide clear and efficient lines of communications to all.

  • To provide accurate information and promotional material about our goods and services.

  • To be active in the promotion of customer feedback, listen and respond accordingly and monitor standards.

  • To provide suitable and adequate staff training.

  • To exceed customers expectations and encourage repeat visits.


Consultation, feedback and complaints

If you wish to contact our store regarding matters about the service we provide, you should contact the Director in writing, by phone or email. Please address your letter to

FAO Anna Zientara

Magpie & Crow Limited

27 Market Street


EH41 3JE

For email or telephone please use our business contact (shop@magpie-and-crow.com // 01620823388) and ask for Anna Zientara.

Whilst we take great care to ensure that we provide all our services efficiently, courteously and to a high standard, we accept that complaints may be made. A complaint is a valid expression of dissatisfaction and however it is made, by email, letter, telephone or verbally, we will investigate it and use it as a means to improve our standards of service. If at any time during your visit you are not happy with the levels of service you experience, please contact Anna Zientara using contact details listed above. We will acknowledge all written complaints within 5 days of receiving the letter, at which point your complaint will be investigated. Any action taken that will affect members of staff as a result of a customer complaint will be conveyed to all concerned before a response is given to the customer.

Inclusivity Policy

We are committed to equality of opportunity and access for all irrespective of their age, gender, class, marital status, nationality, ethnic origin, disability, religious belief or sexual orientation.

We aim to create a working environment which values and respects the variety of life styles and cultures. We will strive to ensure that no employee, customer, or any other person connected to the work of Magpie&Crow Limited, experiences unlawful or unfair discrimination or harassment.


We are committed to equality of opportunity in which individuals are selected for employment and treated on the basis of their relevant merits.


Physical Access

Public Transport

Our shop is located in Haddington town centre. Due to one-way system in the centre, the closest bus stops are: Market Street and High Street. Following bus services are available:

  • 101 (Prentice)

  • 104 (East Coast)

  • 106 (East Coast)

  • 108 (Prentice)

  • 109 (Prentice)

  • 111 (Prentice)

  • 118 (Prentice)

  • 121 (Eve)

  • 122 (Eve)

  • 123 (Eve)

  • 253 (Border Buses)

  • X7 (East Coast)

  • bordersbuses.co.uk

For more information please visit websites of local bus companies:​


Haddington Town Centre provides on-street parking. At the moment rules are such that first 90 minutes of parking is free, but then you need to leave the space and park outside the centre.

You can also use long stay parking, which is behind Tesco's car park. To access it please drive into Tesco's car park and continue going using higher part of the parking to drive through an entrance into long stay car parking.


Wheelchair/Pram Access

Our shop can be accessed with pram and by wheelchair users, however because the door is rather heavy, assistance of a staff member might be necessary. Please use doorbell provided to inform member of staff that you would like to enter the store.


Please note that our shop has narrow aisles. It might be difficult to maneuver for a wheelchair user and our aisles are often too narrow for many prams to fit, therefore our staff is keen to help. Please ask a member of staff and we will bring to you items for your consideration. For prams there is a large place in front of the door where you can leave your pram for the duration of your shopping. We will ask you, if possible, to set the pram in such a way that little one will not be able to reach out and grab something by accident.

If you are unable to get to the shop or you simply prefer not to, please use the doorbell and member of staff will assist you. We are happy to follow your shopping list or bring items to you for consideration and later process the cash or card payment for you.

Privacy & Safety


1. The purpose for which your data is collected

  • We collect customer’s information to process orders for goods or printed stationery.

  • If you allow us to do so, we can store your phone number and/or email address in our directory. We advise so especially to our returning customers who often order printing jobs. This is to have a way to quickly contacting you regarding orders you place and to maintain proper communication, so your order can be finished faster.

  • You can subscribe to our Newsletter. If you do so, you allow us to use your details to inform you about our offer, special deals and promotions. You can request at any time to cancel your subscription.

2. Your privacy rights

  • You have a right to be “forgotten” and have your details be removed in full from all our databases. To do so, please prepare a written request of data removal, specify if you wish all designs done for you (if any) to be removed as well. You can either send your letter as email to shop@magpie-and-crow.com or sign and date it and then please hand it or post it to our shop to:

FAO Anna Zientara

Magpie & Crow Limited

27 Market Street


EH41 3JE

  • If you are sending your request by post or hand it in the shop, please make sure you include a contact telephone number and/or email address with your request in case we would have to contact you to properly process your request. After your request is finished, we will never contact you unless you give us a new permission.

  • You have a right to access or check how your data is being used.

  • You have a right to have design of printed stationery be removed after you collect the order. Please bear in mind that if you would decide to have more stationery printed in the future, but you requested removal of your design, we will have to produce new design thus you will need to pay again for making it.

3. The way in which your data will be used, stored and retained.

  • If you do not wish to open an account with us, then we retain your data only for the period of processing your order for goods. After you collect your order your data is shredded.

  • Information you provide when opening an account is stored securely using safe storage provided by our website host.

  • We request phone number while you place your order, because we might need to quickly consult your order to prepare it as soon as possible. We will NOT contact you with newsletters or marketing materials over the phone.

  • If you grant us a permission, we will use your email to share latest news and offers with you. You can stop your subscription at any time.

  • Details you provide online are used for processing your order. If you give us consent, your email address will be used to send you our newsletter. Data provided online is protected by our website provider and we use their protection scheme.

  • Parts of your details might be used on our order board to allow us quick and efficient processing of customer's orders, while maintaining high privacy standards. Only authorised employees have access to the board. Your details will be removed from the order board after you collect your order.

  • We retain your data for printed stationery on our protected flash disc. It has a special protection feature, which will erase the contents after several failed attempts of inputting the password. This is to have the produced design saved for future use without exposing customer's details to possible fraud.

  • We are using your data to produce printed stationery for you, to contact you regarding your order or to make you aware of unpredicted closure of the shop on the day when you intended to come and collect your order to save you trip.

  • All our computer network is protected by highest standard antivirus.

  • All sensitive data is deleted from our PC on regular basis. Sensitive information on paper is regularly shredded using cross cut shredder.

  • We are never going to sell or pass over your personal information unless governing law would force us into sharing such information.

4. Default agreement

Unless you say otherwise, the following will be applied when you give us your personal information:

  • For orders of goods: we will retain your information only for the period of handling your order. Your name and details of the product you ordered will be placed and visible on the order board in our shop for employees to access and process your order. Your phone number and/or email address will be covered. After you collect your order or after we post order to you, your details will be shredded.

  • For orders of printed stationery: we will retain your information in two places. On our order board we will keep your requirements, name and phone number and/or email address. This information will be shredded after you collect your order. On our secured flash disc we will keep a design produced for you that contains your details, so when you require additional copies, we will be able to print them off straight away.

  • You can allow us to store your contact details in our phone directory and/or visibly shown on our board to allow us to contact you quickly. In such case we will have only your name and phone number stored.

  • You have a right to request your details to be additionally protected (e.g. by not being shown at all on our order board). Please bear in mind that some additional security measures might result in additional cost to your order.

  • You have a right to inspect our order board to make sure it meets your safety requirements.

  • You have a right to request the removal of the design of printed stationery after you collect the order. Please bear in mind that in case you require additional copies in the future, new design will have to be made thus you will pay again the design fee.

  • By proceeding with the order you confirm that you are happy with the level of security carried out by us.

  • By placing order with us you agree to be bound by this terms and conditions.


  • Deposits are for in-store orders AND for online orders of services. There will be no deposits for goods bought online. 

  • Before we produce a custom made stationery (for example: business cards, invitations, change of address cards and any other stationery that features details provided by you) OR before we order an item for you, we will require you to pay a deposit, unless you agree to pay total in advance.

  • Deposit will be deducted from the total value of your order once you collect it.

  • You agree to provide a reliable mean of contact (e.g. telephone or email). If you provide wrong details or we are unable to contact you, we might not be able to deliver the service or you might lose some of your rights provided by this agreement.

  • Unless agreed otherwise, we will keep an item ordered for you or stationery produced for you for 28 days since the date we attempted to let you know that ordered item or stationery is available to be collected. This is why it is crucial for you to provide us a reliable way of contacting you as otherwise you will not receive reminders from us to collect your item. After that 28 day period deposit will forfeit and we will no longer keep ordered item aside for you. It means that if you come after 28 days to collect your item you will have to pay the full sum regardless of the value of the deposit unless agreed otherwise with the Manager (e.g. in an event when act of God or serious health problem prevented you from collecting an item). Custom made stationery will be destroyed after that period of 28 days.

  • If for any reason you cannot come and collect your item, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss possible extension to any deadline. Extension can be maximum of 1 week and if more time is required, we will ask you to contact us again before the end of new deadline.

  • If you cancel your order for custom made stationery after we made a proof for your approval, deposit will forfeit as it will be used to cover our costs to produce the proof copy.

  • If you cancel your order for an item after it was ordered, your deposit will forfeit.

Vouchers and Gift Certificates

  • Word Voucher in this terms and conditions means any gift voucher or gift certificate issued by Magpie & Crow Limited.

  • Words Coupon and Voucher mean the same thing under these terms and conditions.

  • There are two types of vouchers Magpie & Crow Limited issues:

    • Cash Voucher - it decreases the amount to pay by a certain value stated on the voucher.

    • Discount Voucher - it decreases the amount to pay by a certain percentage stated on the voucher.

  • Voucher will be considered null and void without the Expiry Date or if tampered.

  • Voucher will be considered null and void without the Authorised Signature being filled up unless:

    • it was issued to a specific person, whose name and surname appear on the voucher.

    • it was issued as a part of advertisment in a magazine, newspaper or on a leaflet.

  • If voucher was issued to a specific person, whose name and surname appear on the voucher, only this person can redeem it. You might be asked for a Passport or other document with your photo to prove your identity.

  • Voucher is only good for a single transaction.

  • Any remaining amount of Cash Voucher is not exchangeable with cash or another voucher and will be automatically forfeited.

  • Any additional cost exceeding the value of a Cash Voucher will be paid by the redeemer.

  • Voucher will not be replaced when lost, damaged or stolen.

  • Any voucher is valid only at Magpie & Crow Limited, 27 Market Street, Haddington, EH41 3JE.

  • In the event of any dispute, the decision of company Director (Christopher Zientara and Anna Zientara are Directors) is final.

  • Magpie & Crow Limited reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.

  • Voucher has no cash value.

  • If a voucher requires you to be a part of our mailing list, you need to be on the list to redeem such voucher. Once you opt out of our mailing list, all such vouchers will forfeit.


Changes in our Policies

Date of last change made to our policies: 13/07/18

What was changed: we improved the way we handle returns of items bought in person in our store

Please note we revise and improve our policies based on the feedback of our customers, employees and members of the public as well as on advise from the government. Therefore policies published on this page can be changed and if deemed necessary, such change can be done without any notice and without giving a reason.


Whenever purchasing from us, you will be bound by each policy, which was provided to you for approval at final purchase step, when you tick boxes as an expression of your acceptance of our terms and conditions. Any changes done to our policies after your purchase will not have an effect on your rights and obligations unless we both agree to handle your order following amended policies.

If you would like to, you can request an email copy of our policies for your record.

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please contact us on 01620 82 33 88 or shop@magpie-and-crow.com

This does not affect your statutory rights. For the law please visit: www.gov.uk/accepting-returns-and-giving-refunds