Derwent Coloursoft is our softest pencil ever and for this range we created 72 vibrant colours. As their name implies, they have a really soft texture which brings out the richness of the colour that, together with their nice wide colour strip, allows you to build up colour really quickly. So, if you like doing bold still-life drawings or contemporary landscapes then Derwent Coloursoft is the range for you. Contains 6 specially selected colours to create a variety of tones: Cream, Blush Pink, Pink, Ochre, Dark Terracotta and Brown Earth.



  • Boldest colour range in the Derwent colour pencil collection, pigments are vivid with high colour saturation
  • Ultra-soft core formulation allows for rapid, dense application of colour and excellent blendability
  • Ideal for use on a full range of substrate colours, including mid-tone and dark papers

Derwent Coloursoft Portrait Pencils

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