Featuring an ergonomic rubber grip for comfort during longer writing sessions, the BPS-GP comes in tip sizes and is designed to let you simply write.
The hard-wearing tungsten-carbide ball won't wear down over time, while the pocket clip keeps the pen handy for when you need it.
With refills available in all four tip sizes and a variety of colours, the BPS-GP is a valuable asset to anyone who needs a reliable pen for everyday life.
1.6mm tip gives a 0.41mm extra broad line.

  • Writing width : 0.33 mm
  • Tip size : 1.60 mm
  • Ink Colour : Blue or Black





It can also take following refills:

RFJ-GP-F - Refill - Fine

RFJ-GP-M - Refill - Medium

RFJ-GP-B - Refill - Broad

BPS-GP-XB - Ballpoint pen - Extra Broad Tip